Monday, May 12, 2008

Memory Lane (aka Do I Feel Old)

So, there I was sitting at my desk at work when my cell phone rings. I don't normally answer "Private number", but I was expecting a call from a technician who I had given my cell phone number to. Expecting it was him, I answered the phone. Resonating into my ear was, "Hello, John? This is Rick P from Daly City." Wow, a sudden flashback 30+ years. Rick P was 8th grade class president of my grammar school that I graduated from in 1969. It seems Rick and a few others from OLPH, my grammar school Alma mater, thought it would be a great idea to have a 40 year reunion next year. I must say, based on the week that's passed since Rick's call, I wholeheartedly agree. Now, I've never been to a reunion, so I'm somewhat apprehensive as to what to expect. Rick has shared with me some names from the past and even some grammar school "yearbook" stuff. (Our "yearbook" was simply mimeographed paper stapled together. As with any mimeographed work, it smelled great. I can still smell it 39 years later.)

With Rick sharing some old photos with me, it got me hunting for some of my own. When my folks visited us in "da bucket" last August to meet their newest granddaughter, I mentioned to my Mom that I needed some old pictures to share with Sally so that we could see similar traits in Una. A few weeks later I got a great package of photos not only of me, but of my sister and other family members. I knew they were around here somewhere. Ah-ha, I found them right where I put them (near the scanner as I knew some day I'd want to scan them.) That day arrived the evening of Rick's call.

So, here are a couple of pictures of a skinny little kid wearing the OLPH uniform. Was there a style in the late 60s that is the opposite of today's style of wearing pants as low as possible? I swear I've not hiked up the pants to my rib cage. I really do have long legs. The other pose is based on the fact that I was a first baseman. I'm emulating one of my boyhood heros, Willie McCovey. Great stretch, huh?

So, thank you Rick P for that wonderful call. I look forward to the reunion and a wonderful trip down Memory Lane.

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