Sunday, February 15, 2009

Annual Trip to Maine

We've recently returned from our annual Winter vacation to the Prospect Harbor Point Light.  We're lucky in that as a military retiree I qualify to stay at the lighthouse.  It is a wonderful treat for us.  This is our fourth consecutive Winter vacationing here.  It's Una's third, unless you make it four as she was conceived there.  

We spent a relaxing, as relaxing as possible with a two year old, five days at the lighthouse.  We had quite a variety of weather.  We arrived to frigid temps, temps rose to the 40s, then back to single digits the morning we left.  The weather gave me an opportunity to try out many different photo settings for various shots.  I've taken a couple of photography classes and am trying a few things out.  The slide show includes some of my favorites.  

We cooked (well, mostly Sally cooked, but I did make a good pancake breakfast one morning), we read, we hit The Big Chicken Barn (used books and antiques) where Sally found a wonderful commemorative plate of the Prospect Harbor Light, and I even managed to knit Una a scarf.  Yep, I've been trying to get Sally to knit for a few years and she's never found the time, so...I decided what the heck.  It was fun and I plan to do more.

Prospect Harbor is a quaint little Maine fishing village located on the Schoodic Peninsula.  If you ever get a chance to travel Downeast Maine, take US 1.  It's a wonderful and beautiful drive.  When we return we always take this route.  It's slower, but much more enjoyable.  Plus, it gives us the added benefit of hitting Freeport and L.L. Beans.

It was a great trip and we are already looking forward to next year.  Who knows, maybe we'll even try it in the Summer.

Playing with the Enemy by Gary Ward

My sister gave me this book for my birthday last July.  She thought I would enjoy it as it had a baseball theme, and was about a son and his father.  How right she was.  I finally found the time to read it.  What a joy it was.  What a thoughtful gift from my sister. 

Reading the opening chapter while on the plane from Denver, on more than one occasion I had to stop to dab the tears from my eyes.  The thoughts that passed through my mind were overwhelming.  I immediately wanted to write the author to thank him for inspiring me.  As I finished the book this evening, once again I was dabbing at the tears.  The author’s Afterword made me realize the thoughts I had at the beginning of the book were often felt by his readers. 

The story is told by a son about a portion his father’s life.  A portion he knew little about.  The son always wondered about this hidden portion of his father's life.  His father's brush with death forced him to address his questions he'd kept bottled up for so long.  As my own father just recently turned 81, I find myself with my own set of questions.  I have this sudden burning desire to visit my Dad and sit down to dinner to learn all I can.  Or perhaps vacation with him; see the Indy 500 he’s always wanted to see.  Watch another ballgame, something we always enjoyed doing together. 

It’s tough living 3000 miles away from people you love.  

Note:  I drafted this a few weeks ago, got busy and never finished it.  I'm hitting Publish today as it's a great book.