Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Gamps" Birthday

First it was Nana's turn, now "Gamps". Gramps Jeff celebrated his 60th on Wednesday and we made the trek to Westport to help in the celebration. Una did her part in making "Gamps" a poster, as well as a card. She also was his able assistant with opening presents (she's gonna love Christmas this year.)

Since it was a weekday and everyone worked, we did take out BBQ from LJ's in Pawtucket. It was a big hit. I hear the baked beans were great, but will admit I did not partake in those. The ribs, sauce and cornbread were just to my liking. Earlier in the day, Sally made Gramps his favorite cake (spice). Una really enjoyed her cake and ice cream. "Ceem" is always her favorite part of any meal!

Gramps got lots of neat gifts all focusing on sailing. Lots of accessories for Dory Days.

Happy Birthday, "Gamps". We all hope you had a wonderful special birthday.

Una, Sally and John
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