Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fantastic Finds

So, Saturday started off another dreary wet weekend. Ugh! "But Wait!" the weatherman exclaims. The rain is past and the sun is waiting to shine according to Doppler and PinPoint Weather.

Seeing that everything in the yard was wet from the overnight and morning rain, we decided to cruise around. There's a yard sale we need to hit. Cruise on up Hope St and low and behold a large yard sale on a church lawn. Let's give it a whirl. Sally and I both spot it. Let's take a look What? $10? Let's get it. Una will love it. What is it? Can you guess?

It's a Little Tikes Workbench.

We now have our very own Toolbelt Diva on our hands.

Despite the near $4/gallon for gasoline (thanks GW aka Dummy), we decided to hit the road again for more cruising. While venturing around the East Side of Providence, Sally mentioned that the Southside Community Land Trust 16th Annual Rare and Unusual Plant Sale was going on today. I had hit the sale a few years ago on my own when Sally worked on Saturdays. I had found the plant sale a fun experience and Sally recalled that. So, off to South Providence we go. No, map, no directions, just a vague memory of making the trip a few years ago. Suddenly, we find it. Tons of cars, lots of people, all there for one purpose, herb and plant finds. We browsed the grounds and game away with 14 plants and herbs. All for the not so hefty total price of $48.

Here are the plants that will find their new home shortly when I finish (well, start and finish, actually) the raised bed I'm making. Sally stacked them on the fence for watering and it made for a cool photo.

Okay, two finds down. There must be another Providence find to find. So, more cruising (thanks again Dummy). We cruised over to the Armory district and Federal Hill, experiencing some stunning Victorian homes. As we cruised Federal Hill it dawned on me that it would be nice to grab a bite at Venda Ravioli and perhaps picnic in DePasquale Plaza (seen here).

So onto Atwell's Ave we go. We find a prime parking space. This is turning out to be our day. :-)

It's graduation day for Johnson & Wales University so the city and Federal Hill are abuzz with graduates and their families. The outside dining at Venda is right on DePasquale Plaza (you can barely see the tables on the left in the picture). Rather than grab sandwiches we decided to take advantage of the cafe dining. The hostess seated us and to Una's and our delight, right opposite the fountain in the plaza. I think we had the best seat there. Our Picasa photo album of our lunch experience can be accessed here. Needless to say, we had a wonderful lunch. Una showed her good Sicilian heritage by enjoying her plate of cheese ravioli, and of course the Italian bread. Mmmm.

It was quite the day. We'll enjoy these finds this year and future years. The memory of lunch on DePasquale Plaza will be one we will cherish forever. The look on Una's face as she watched other children play at the fountain will be one I will not forget.

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