Monday, May 12, 2008

Date Night!

WooHoo, Sally and I got to have a "date night" on Saturday. Our friends Chris & Jen had invited us to see Chris' band "the 'mericans". The music was to start at 9ish so we decided let's get the sitter here early and have a nice dinner and music night. We were able to hit one of our "old" haunts, The Red Fez. There were seats at the bar. Sally and I enjoy sitting at the bar and we've not done that for a couple of years. We had a wonderful time, and as always the food at the Fez was great.

Onto hearing the music. The venue was a new one for us, and was really just a few blocks from our home in "da bucket". The Blackstone recently moved into the new Hope Artiste Village here in Pawtucket. It's an old mill building that has been converted into lofts, art studios and local retail shops. It was a first time to both The Blackstone and the Hope Artiste Village. We were impressed with both. The Blackstone was a large open nightclub. High top tables, a lounge with comfy looking leather chairs and couches, large wrap-around bar, pool tables, foosball table, pinball and jukebox. An outside deck, too (serves as a smoking lounge for those so inclined.) It was a big place and the 20 foot (or so) ceilings really made the place seem that much more roomy. There was a $6 cover, but the guy at the door ensured us that all the cover money went to the bands. Nice! Drafts were $4.50 for a good pint. Not bad. We didn't see anyone eating so we'll have to try out the food some other time.

Sally and I strolled down the old mill building and found closed entrances to many local businesses (it was 10pm so that was to be expected). One tenant space was empty but open and we could see the neat lofty look available. We could hear activity in one business, but could see no one. We did see some partially assembled pool table frames in there, however. All in all it looks like a very cool place to work and house a business. We would love to see what the living loft spaces look like.

Unfortunately, we had to leave before hearing the band we came to see, the 'mericans. There were two bands that played before they went on and we had to get home. We had promised the sitter we'd be back around 11pm. We met a few other friends at the Blackstone so our focus was not really on the bands, but I'd say they were good. The place is big enough that I did not feel the sounds from the band overwhelmed a conversation.

All in all it was a wonderful evening. I know I miss our nights out, and I'm sure Sally does, too. But, neither of us would trade our current parenting roles for anything in the world.

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