Friday, March 27, 2009

Summer (Carnival Wednesday)

Over at a blog I follow called One More Thing, Kate is doing something called Carnival.  Basically, a set of topics is laid out for other bloggers to post about.   Anyone can follow along and see what other’s think when presented with a specific topic.  They call it Carnival Wednesday.  This week’s topic is Summer.

Here’s my shot.  It’s short, late, and somewhat thrown together so not very thought out.   (if you’re interested in other’s follow the link to Kate’s blog as she’s got a link to the others there.)

Personally, I like all the seasons.  I don’t think I really have a favorite.  Fall I enjoy the change of colors (being raised in the San Francisco Bay Area I never witnessed a true sense of seasons and Fall was just Indian Summer).  Winter I enjoy the cold and the snow (again I didn’t enjoy much of that growing up).  Spring lets’ me enjoy the new growth although I find myself getting impatient with Spring (buds just pop too slowly). 

Summer, in a nutshell, to me is vacation.  

I have fond recollections of Summer as a youth.  I always anxiously awaited that wonderful day in June – the last day of school.  The last day of school was often followed by a trip to the barber for a Summer crewcut.  I don’t think it was my idea, but my parents might disagree. 

Summer also meant my family’s annual trip to Los Angeles.  We’d either travel by car on US 101 or CA 1 (stopping to visit the Missions) or by train.  We’d visit Disneyland, Hollywood, and Olvera Street.  (I think I still have my velvet Peanuts painting that I spent my hard earned allowance on on Olvera Street.)  Every year was a great memory. 

During my youth I also fondly recall my Summer visit to my relatives in Santa Clara whom I would spend a couple of weeks.  My cousin Ginny and I were the same age and we’d do everything together.  Wander through the local orchards, climb the apricot and walnut trees.  Build treehouses.  Those were later followed with my joining them on their vacations (they were campers, my family was not.)  We’d sometimes camp and my folks would meet up with us, but they’d stay in the lodge.  The closest we came to camping as a family was Camp Mather near Yosemite.  Ah, Camp Mather, now there’s some fond Summer memories.  Camp Mather was really a bunch of cabins and a dining hall with cool outdoorsy stuff.  Swimming in the pond, catching tadpoles, pulling bark off the Ponderosa Pines in neat puzzle shapes, walks at night in pitch black trying to follow a double yellow line you could not see, up to the store which had a real working soda fountain.  Oh, and there were girls there, too.  I guess you could say Summer was crushes.

As I started my own family, Summer recollections move to what my girls were interested in.  Jenn loved Girl Scout Camp (Ashley did it a couple of times, but never really took to it.)  Ashley had cheerleader daily starting August 1st.  A trip across country as we moved from DC to the Philippines was another highlight.  Arizona is HOT in the Summer.  Memories of Summer life in the Philippines reminds me of monsoon and Leta making the girls Summer clothes.  Walking or golfing in the rain in shorts and flip flops.  The only drawback to the Summer monsoon season was being hot and wet and then entering an A/C building. 

Today Summers make me thing of the beach in Westport with Una watching crabs, running from the waves, and of course, sand in her food.  Una and Sally both love the beach.  I do, too.  I look forward to this year as Una is obviously a lot more mobile.  Should be fun watching Sally and Nana chase after her.  :-)  The other Summer highlight is “Paradise Found”, our vacationing at the “T'” house in Westport.  We had a terrific time last year and are booked again for this year.   We’re anxiously awaiting the end of June. 

Summer really is a wonderful season.  Each season has its pluses, but to me, Summer has vacation memories.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I didn't link to you sooner - either Wordpress didn't tell me about your link, or I just missed it. I hadn't checked Bloglines in over a week, so it took until now for me to see. Will check more carefully next week!

Last summer, we had a truly incredible series of vacations - almost every weekend, we did something, from camping to nice hotels and everything in between. We won't be able to do that this year, even if I got a job tomorrow (which, being Saturday, not gonna happen), but I'm so glad we did it then and stored up some memories.

John said...

No worries, Kate. I meant to have this on Wednesday by noon, but didn't finish until Friday noonish. (Thus the lack of details near the end compared to the start.)

I'll get working on next week's a bit earlier.

Glad you have the memories from last year. And, I'm sure there will be plenty more this year. "china" will forever be a memory, right? ;-)