Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Scarf for Sally

DSC_6458 Having been inspired to knit by some friends wonderfully knitted clothes, I took the knitting kit I had purchased for Sally about three years ago and taught myself some basics (thanks to online videos from Knitting Help.)  This picture to the left is my second effort.  The first was a small scarf knitted for Una.  

Here’s a pic of that:


I’ve found a nice group of friends who knit and I look forward to taking on more difficult projects.  Perhaps I’ll get good enough to make some handmade Christmas gifts.  We’ll see. 

I’ve joined the Slater’s Mill Community Knit & Crochet Guild to meet some fellow knitters, and also support the Mill’s textile roots.  It seems like a perfect fit.  For the knitters out there who follow this blog, I’m on Ravelry as RIlurky.  Drop me a line there or follow along on my latest project. 

I'm enjoying this new hobby.

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