Friday, March 6, 2009

The power of the Search Engine

I have been lax in updating and checking this blog lately.  Things have been busy and life has just gotten in the way. 

I checked on things last night and I discovered a comment to my blog about Playing With the Enemy by Gary Ward.  The comment was actually from Gary Ward himself and left two weeks ago (thank you, btw, for the comment).  I point this out mostly as an example as to the power of the internet search engine.  I imagine Gary found my blog through a Google Alert or something of the sort.  It’s a great way to stay on top of things that interest you. 

If you haven’t already subscribed to an Alert I encourage you to try it.  Sally and I have a Google Alert about anything Pawtucket.  It’s helped us keep in touch with all things Pawtucket.  A couple of other examples would be an alert to your alma mater to see what's going on at the old school, or an alert for your business (or employer) to see what people are saying about your business.

The search engines are powerful,  and the alerts are a way to leverage them.


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