Monday, January 19, 2009

Meteorological Math: 3 + 4 = 12

Thanks once again for our fine local meteorological experts for their spot on snow forecast guestimate.  Yesterday was quite an interesting winter “event” as someone on Channel 10 put it.  I guess it couldn’t be a winter “storm” since there were at least two breaks in the storm and something about two different low pressure systems, but to me it was a winter storm.

I went to sleep Saturday evening being told “a dusting” by 6am, with 1-3 inches after that, to be done around 10ish.   Woke up Sunday morning to 4+ inches.  Cleared the sidewalk and the driveway around noon before Sally’s folks arrived for Sunday dinner.  I did not clear the front steps knowing there was no mail delivery on Sunday or today (MLK Holiday).  (Our mailman will NOT deliver mail if there is snow on the steps.)  After Sally and I pulled the ornaments, lights, and garland from the Christmas tree…now quit looking so shocked.  We were out of town for a week.  Besides, my rule has always been it has to come down before MLK day.  Mission accomplished.  Anyway, we dragged the tree down the front steps compressing the 6 inches or so of snow. 

Shortly after our dinner guests left Sally looked out the window and what’s going on?  It’s snowing again.  The local Pinpoint Doppler Viper or whatever this week’s latest meteorological Ouija board technology is, says another 2-4 inches to be done by the morning commute (7am in their words).  Well, they got the done by 7am part right.  The 2-4 turned into another 6 at least.  My front steps with the 6 inches compacted to about 4, had 12 inches on them this morning.  Thus 3 + 4 = 12  (If you need an explanation, that would be dusting = zero, 1-3 Sunday morning, and 2-4 Sunday evening.  Taking the higher guestimate from each I get the 3 + 4.  The 12 is from the measurement on the front steps.   Yes, I could add the 2 inches compacted, but I’ll give that as a handicap for working in small market Providence. 

Spot on I’d say???

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