Friday, June 27, 2008

Taste Our SouthCoast

Gee, where does time go? I started this blog last Sunday and never got back to it.

We had a terrific weekend enjoying time with Nana and Gramps on Saturday, with dinner at the Candlewood. Sally and I got to escape for drinks on The Back Eddy dock. Was a really nice evening for that.

Sunday was suppose to be a washout, but we awoke to bright sunshine. Time for a beach run. Sally and Nana get to the beach during the week, so when I was able to join them on the weekend, it was really alot of fun to see Una enjoy playing in the sand and searching for "treasures". Una's not done much with the water this year, but I got her to get her toes wet and eventually sit with me with the waves lapping at her. She got a little frightened when a larger wave crashed on her, more so when the wave retreated and she felt the pull as I held onto her. She's enjoying the water a little bit at a time.

Sunday afternoon we decided to take in a little local flavor. Sally had seen that New Bedford (did I mention we love New Bedford) was having it's annual Taste Our SouthCoast. Nana joined Sally, Una, and I for the trek to New Bedford. We enjoyed sampling lots of delicious local foods from various SouthCoast restaurants. We also got entertained by Entrain. They are quite good. I'd certainly see them again. Una seemed to like the percussion sessions and watching everyone dance.

We like to support small less commercialized local activities such Taste Our SouthCoast. It's not a touristy thing, but rather real neighbors coming together.

That's it for now. Sorry this was so delayed. I'll work on getting my blogging more timely.
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