Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Announcing The Pawtucket Wiki

As I’ve mentioned previously here on this blog I’ve tried to become more involved in my community.  One thing the City of Pawtucket lacks is a user-friendly website for residents and visitors to find pertinent information.  With this in mind I have assisted a fellow Pawtucket blogger (The Bucket Blog) in the creation of Pawtucket NOW.  It was designed to be a site where the actual community that is Pawtucket would contribute to.  While a handful of “bucketeers” joined us, it never really took off.   The concept was based on the wikispot for Davis, CA.  Unfortunately, the MediaWiki format of the current Pawtucket NOW did not seem to work for such a collaborative effort.

logo I have therefore created a new Pawtucket Wiki using the simpler wikispot software.  Pawtucket Wiki is “A community edited website”.  It’s not mine.  I don’t maintain it.  I merely planted the seed.  It’s up to the Pawtucket community to grow it.  There will be an event calendar of anything happening in and around Pawtucket.  Pages on local establishments, including restaurants.  City history, geography, demographics, political arena, etc.  Anything and everything that pertains to Pawtucket. 

Lots of pages are blank at this point, but the structure to get this started is there.  If you’re reading this blog and are a fellow “bucketeer” please stop by at the new Pawtucket Wiki.  Even if you don’t live in Pawtucket, but have something to contribute (restaurant review, perhaps?) stop on by and take a look…and, don’t forget to contribute something. 

The link for the wiki is:


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