Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swinging and Sliding

As you can see from Una's excited little face, she enjoys swinging.  This is actually the first time she's swung on a "big girl" swing.  

Sally and I went to Home Depot on Saturday to get some materials for creating a raised bed in our backyard.  While looking around, assessing how much it would cost, Sally wandered over to the do-it-yourself swing set area.  After a bit of review she said, "I'd really rather spend the money on something Una would enjoy."  


Load up the kit, add a slide, and off to get the required 4x4s.  Load up the car, and...well, we have a new project.  

There was no time to start it on Saturday as we were off to Nana  and Gramps for a little grilling, but when we got home on Sunday it was time to get to work.  The "one hour" project turned into about four, when I finally gave up the ghost.  We finished up the set after work on Monday and Una officially broke in both the slide and the swings.  

Here are a couple of more pics. I'll add some video soon.
[Edit:  Click on the pics to really see how happy she is (and beautiful, too.)]

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