Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pawtucket River (I-95) Bridge -- My Six Seconds of Fame

I attended the presentation last evening of the unveiling of the to-be-built Pawtucket River Bridge (Bridge 550).  More on that in a bit.  I  was interviewed by Channel 12 as I exited.  My two minutes of interview was culled down to about six seconds.  Here's the piece as it was reported.

I personally like the bridge design, but was somewhat baffled that it was presented without the current Division St. Bridge overlaid onto the slides. Aesthetically, it looked great in the presentation, but I think it will look completely different when viewed from the South with the Division St. Bridge blocking all the design that was showed off.  

The design presented last evening highlighted the bridge itself (that, of course, should be the focus), but also the Pleasant and Taft Sts. side and resultant changes.  Nothing was shown about the School St. side other than there would be some public access which hopefully will allow for a walkway from Main St. to the State Landing.  

It was pointed out that the design is not yet completed so I'm sure at some future point we'll see more of how the access at George St. and School St. will appear.

I'm glad I went.  A thumbs up from me so far.

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Jeff said...

Nice work, John. Way to stay dressed up for it, too.