Saturday, November 8, 2008

Meet the Grandparents

I'm a little late with this blog, but vacations have a way of putting you behind in lots of things.

We had a very nice visit with my Mom and Dad in the Philadelphia area recently. They were there as part of a "Historic America" tour. Sally, Una and I drove down from RI on October 27th.

We got to join my folks for a late dinner at Maggiano's, followed by a rainy windy visit of historic Philadelphia, and then a tour of Valley Forge. We wrapped up our short visit with a relaxing stay at home evening. It was a fun, but too short, visit.

We have some great memories to share with Una.

Since Sally's grandmother lives in the area we stopped in for homemade brunch with Grammie and Uncle Ted. Fun time, which included a trip to the Farmer's Market for some great Lancaster Valley treats (Sweet Lebanon Bologna...mmmmmmm. Oh, and a terrific peach pie)

As I said, a fun time, but too short.

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Beth Holmes said...

Sweet Lebanon bologna -- Yummmmm. My parents both grew up in York, Pa and I still have relatives there and in Lancaster so I can relate. I also love sho fly pie.