Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Four Generations

We had the good fortune to recently enjoy a long weekend at "Grammie's" just outside of Philadelphia. The visit was timed so that we could visit with Jeff, Jen and Emmett (coming from CO), as Jen had a conference to attend in Philly. Nana and Gramps make the trip south as well. In the picture from left to right is Grammie, Gramps, Jen, Jeff (holding Emmett), Sally (holding Una), John, and Nana.

It's difficult for four generations to get together when family can be so spread out. This is actually the first time all nine of us were together. The last time we all got together there were only eight (Emmett wasn't born yet), and that was nearly two years ago for Una's Christening.

"Grammie" is the last remaining "great" for Una. As we enjoyed face-to-face family interactions, browsing through old pictures, hearing stories of past family members, and even looking at Una's maternal family tree (back to the 1600's), it struck me that I am very delinquent in leaving a legacy for my descendants. I have therefore started work on a family website, including a family tree. I'll be taking baby steps in this endeavor as I'm aware of some very legitimate privacy concerns.

Grammie was nice enough to let me borrow a number of photo albums which I've begun scanning the photos from. There are quite a few and someday I hope to be able to caption and categorize them. I'll be doing the same with photos my parents have sent me, as well as old photos I have, and Nana and Gramps have, as well. When I open up the family website to others, I hope other family members will add treasured photos to share.

Along with the scanning project Sally and I have begun the process of documenting the family tree. We've just scratched the surface and already are having alot of fun in our detective work to find our ancestry. In just two days we've documented 223 family members. It can be quite addicting. I hope you don't see us on Intervention soon! I'm sure we'll be reaching out to many family members for help in this project. What's in our tree is often linked to yours.

We had a terrific visit with family and as an added bonus I left with a reinvogorated goal to document family history both in a timeline and in photos. I hope you'll follow along in our efforts.

Talk soon...John

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