Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer, Where Did You Go?

I was able to get out at lunch yesterday and enjoy a cool Summer day. It felt more like Fall. They even mentioned on the weather yesterday morning about it feeling like Fall. Where the heck did the Summer go? I know, I know, we've not even reached the "unofficial" end of Summer with the Labor Day weekend. But, when I pass daily the sign at the high school that classes begin in less than a week, I can't help but feel Summer is coming to a close.

We've had the good fortune to actually have a really nice Summer. Lots of time at the beach in Westport, work and play in our backyard, Sundays at Nana and Gramps for dinners on the back deck, and drinks on the deck at The Back Eddy. Oh, and who can forget our great vacation to Westport.

While the Summer has indeed been great, I've missed a few things. Not one round of golf, not one cast from the rod, and only a couple of trips on the boat. I'm not complaining (well, I'm complaining about how the boat has run yet again this year) as time with family and friends have been great. I've enjoyed tremendously watching Una at a point where she can really enjoy outdoor activities. If you read this blog regularly you already know he just loves the beach. And, she loves anything to do with a playground. Saturday night Sally didn't sleep well so when Una awoke at 6:22am (yes unfortunately I noted the time when I crawled out of bed) I got up with her so Sally could sleep. After a couple episodes of "Blues Clues" I thought Una would enjoy a walk. We made it down to the park at the end of Blackstone. We drive by this park often and a few months ago when Una first discovered swings, that was all she'd say as we passed in the car. I thought she'd enjoy some time on the swings, but found that she also enjoyed climbing to the top of the "big kids" slide. No little four step slide for Una. Noooo...she needed to climb the one that was probably ten steps and a foot over my 6'5" high head. She climbed with ease, stood at the top (the most nerve-racking) and then proceeded to sit and slide down. She slid slowly thanks to the rubber soled shoes she had on. At the bottom, turn and run for the stairs. It was a fun time. Did I mention that I found not one empty plastic juice bottle, empty frozen ice container, or any used diapers? (If you don't get that you missed my Aretha blog). Bravo to those that use this playground. Now, how about the Providence Parks Department doing something about grading so that the walkways don't become impassable for strollers due to mud with the slightest hint of rain? Oh, and can you turn on that lovely Art Deco fountain? Wouldn't that be an enjoyable site for local residents? (Wait: in searching for a link for the fountain I found this blog. Seems I'm not alone in my desire to see this fountain operating again.)

With Summer coming to a close Sally and I have our eyes set on a trip to Philly in September to visit Grammie. Jeff, Jen and Emmett will be visiting, too. We can't wait to see them. Una's all excited to see her cousin. Then October has another trip to Philly when my folks are there for a trip they are taking. Sally and I are also looking forward as Summer winds down to getting some things done to the house that we've not found the time to do with busy Summer schedules.

So, Summer you might be leaving us, but thanks to great family and friends, life is good no matter the season.

Talk at you all soon...John

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