Monday, August 17, 2009

Boater’s Beach – Time with Good Friends

Sally and I were fortunate to be invited to a party at “Boater’s Beach” in Westport, MA. Our hosts, Tanya and Bruce, really know how to throw a good beach party. CIMG1194

We started at a small dock in Westport where Tanya and Bruce awaited. Their Boston Whaler loaded and waiting. After meeting Al and Kelly, and their daughter Ava, we were off to the beach. Our chauffeur navigated the harbor and after a short ride delivered us to our destination. The beach was full of boats and beachgoers, but none could match the setup our hosts had prepared for us. Well stocked coolers, table, blankets, grill, and food.

We had a terrific afternoon and evening drinking (responsibly, of course), eating, frolicking in the water of the Westport River. But as sundown approached it was time to pack up (gotta cool the grill, however (see Bruce’s method below) and head home. CIMG1198Of course, our hosts had other ideas and convinced all concerned to join them at their wonderful home for some post beach libations and food.

We loaded up the boat, ladies in the bow, mCIMG1209en to the stern, and I snapped this wonderful shot.

(I’m sure some are wondering where’s Una? She decided an afternoon with Nana and Gramps sounded more interesting. I’m certain it had nothing to do with the “brownies bribe” Nana offered.)

The evening turned to night, and our hosts just kept on delivering. A little wine, some espresso martini’s, and yummy dinner. The midnight hour struck and the finishing touches were put on a simply wonderful day. Tanya and Bruce, you guys rock. Kelly and Al it was such a pleasure to meet you (and Ava, too). We look forward to getting together again soon.

Thanks again…John and Sally